Witches Brew Lighted Water Tombstone

A new style of water lantern and its unique spooky tombstone shell design. This decorative 10.75 inch lighted water lantern is perfect to display along with other Halloween themed décor. Featuring a witch brewing a magical potion with black crows above sitting in the tree keeping watch with six hours of continuous swirling glitter. The lantern is covered with black glitter and is uniquely designed.  A must have addition to your graveyard tradition.

  • Features a black glitter covered lighted water tombstone designed
  • Product material: Plastic and Acrylic Figurines
  • Product measures: 10.75"
  • Continuous Swirling Glitter, Gently Flip To Loosen Glitter, To Avoid Damage Do Not Shake
  • Requires 3 C Batteries. Batteries not included
  • 6 Hour Timer Repeats Every 18 Hours
  • Includes USB Cord
  • Does Not Include USB Power Adapter
  • Do Not Use With USB Power Adapter Exceeding 1.5 Amps

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